Plan Your Retirement Budget Now With These Tips

Posted on August 8, 2022 by shieldsandboris

While it can be tempting to spend that sizable nest egg you have saved for retirement so you can start checking off your bucket list, over-spending can be dangerous for your finances. Creating a good, detailed budget can help that nest egg last for years to come.

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Protect Yourself from Unnecessary Falls

Posted on August 1, 2022 by shieldsandboris

The first step to minimizing your risk of a fall is to assess your actual risk. The CDC has a quiz that allows you to answer a few questions, such as whether you hurry to go to the bathroom, what your medications are, and what your general mood is to assess your fall risk.

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5 Reasons You Should Have a Living Trust

Posted on July 25, 2022 by shieldsandboris

Living Trusts are legal documents designed to protect your assets and keep you in control, even after death. Living Trusts provide clear directions for how to distribute your assets after your death.

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Are Your Finances Disaster Proof?

Posted on July 18, 2022 by shieldsandboris

This is the time of year when natural disasters seem to strike the most, but disasters can happen year-round. It seems like we tend to hear more and more about massive wildfires, severe flooding, tragic earthquakes, and devastating hurricanes.

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