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Quickly Determine Your Medicare Eligibility with Helpful Online Tools

Many people are intimidated by the Medicare qualification process.  Medicare is the part the federal Social Security program designed to offset healthcare costs for individuals who are 65 years or older or for individuals with certain disabilities. The government has made the process of applying for Medicare easier and more accessible with their online Medicare Eligibility Tool.

On the site, you will be asked a series of simple questions. The number of question and types of questions you are asked will be based on your answers to the previous questions.  When you finish the questionaire, the site will display detailed information tailored to your specific situation.

The website also provides detailed information on the Medicare program, including what is and is not covered by the service. Plus, the site provides directories to help you find health practictioners in your local area.

Remember that Medicare provides for

  • Medical Coverage
  • Prescription Drug
  • Hospitalization, include up to 100 days of long term care.
  • Privately Purchased Supplemental Insurance

Medicare is also available to you regardless of income.

If you believe Medicare is right for you then check out the government’s Medicare website and use the tools they provide you to determine your eligibility. If you still have questions or would like legal advice, we are here to help. Contact our office for a consultation.